BOULEVARD on the Nogat River in MALBORK

The design is a constructivist vision of what is termed “towns turn to their rivers again”. A smooth combination of structure and architecture includes also the river as an element stressing the natural and smooth relations of the building with public space of which it becomes an integral part. The architecture and the structure of the amphitheatre are affected by the neighbouring Marienburg Castle. The conservator of the castle approved the design as it referred to Art Nouveau which is a natural successor to Gothic art.
lokalizacja: Malbork, bulwar nad rzeką Nogat.
Location: Malbork, boulevard on the Nogat river
Investor: Town Authority of Malbork
Design: 2005
Completion: no specified deadline

Key data:
Gross surface area: 1044.04 m2
Stand area: 1 243 m2
Floor area: 487.82 m2
The floor area of technical premises under the stands: 1 600 m2
stand floor area with the roof: about 12 000 m2
Upper roof edge: + 10.70 m