The amphitheatre was meant also as a reinforcement to the Vistula escarpment and that was a pretext to develop a unique structure, combining the topography and the marina at the foot of the slope in a natural manner. This is a result of the maximum natural character of the structure which is well fitted to all aspects of the location and its own application: organisation of events of any style.

The light structure of the amphitheatre is made of wood and steel with additions of glass and brick, referring to the waterfront and port architecture. The auditorium is covered with a roof of a multi-curve cable structure, supported on steel parabolic arcs.

Location: Płock, Vistula escarpment from the Starzyński Hotel to the Cathedral
Investor: City of Płock
Design: 2003
Completion: 2006

Key data:
- roof height without the side pillars 70 m;
- membrane area – 3000 m2;
- weight of the structure (steel elements and cables) 150 tons;
- membrane resistance – 400 kg per 1 m;
- structure specific weight – 35 km/m3 (traditional structures are 100 kg/m3);
- elliptical auditoria for 3600 viewers;
- back facilities for 200 persons, change-rooms, offices and restaurant.